Seatec International Maritime Review 1/2019

In this issue of Seatec we take a closer look at the Maritime Accelerator which is an innovation platform for corporations and startups. Meyer Turku shipyard is looking for new recruits. According to Communications Manager Tapani Mylly, the growing shipbuilding business means that the entire maritime cluster in the region needs to expand. There has been a stream of positive news from the neighbouring shipyard of Rauma, as well. Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) has quickly made a name for itself as a capable builder and project manager. We also have a sneak peek at the ArTEco project (Arctic Thruster Ecosystem) which is a co-creation forum leading the research and development of ship propulsion for arctic conditions.

4 Editorial
8 Innovative strategic partners for the Finnish maritime industry
14 Team-up for Thrusters
20 Alternative fuels and technologies are changing the face of maritime - but not overnight
26 Re-energised Rauma maritime hub is aiming for greatness
34 Greener ferry for Tallink
36 Meyer Turku shipyard looking for new recruits
44 Seatrade Cruise Global 2019 Nears Return to Miami Beach
46 New on Board
51 Company Directory