Know-how and competence needed for marine catering

article picture: Know-how and competence needed for marine catering

Catering systems for cruise ships need to be designed with special care. Marine catering is subject to strict international regulations related to health, hygiene, and fire safety.

Specialised in marine catering systems technology, SeaKing Ltd. designs and supplies complete catering systems for cruise ships.

”Our focus is on functionality, space usage, energy consumption, safety and cost-efficiency in catering operations throughout the entire lifecycle of ship,” notes Mr. Pasi Suvanto, Vice President of Sales for SeaKing Group.

”Since most of today’s cruise ships will be calling U.S. ports, catering systems have to be designed in accordance with the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) regulations.”


Overall, the designs of cruise ship galleys in most cases are customised to fit into allotted spaces, and to conform to regional tastes and current dining trends.

”For instance, the tables, counters, and galley equipment for cruise ship use have to be designed and manufactured in a different manner than those used in land-based restaurants. There are additional requirements for heavy-duty constructions and easy cleanability,” Suvanto recounts.

SeaKing’s production facilities are in Poland and the U.S. The company’s headquarters are in Switzerland.

According to Mr. Suvanto, every cruise ship project is different from any other. Even sister ships often have differences in their respective catering facilities.

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Text: Ari Mononen
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