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Le Four in northern Finistère Windside WS-0,15B installed 2021.

Oy Windside Production Ltd has equipped Marine research centers, lighthouses, and international groups of scientists and other professionals since 1982.

Originally designed and developed for harsh conditions, Windside wind turbines produce clean, grid-free energy even in the most demanding environments. They are corrosion-free and ice resistant, the features of which are a priority for professionals looking for reliable and low-maintenance equipment.

For light houses, the first Windside unit was delivered for Trinity House light house in 1996 and is still operating loyally. Mc Murdo was the first site in Antarctica, where turbines started to operate in 2003. Those turbines are still in operation today.

Direction Interrégionale de la Mer Nord Atlantique Manche Ouest

Since then, the demand for autonomous power sources has increased together with the need to understand the changing climate and to tolerate extreme weather conditions. Windside wind turbines enable the important work of researchers and other professionals all over the world: Polar institutes, geological and natural Institutes, Antarctic institutes and universities.

Two Windside WS-0,15Bplus turbines operating since 2002.

Mc Murdo station in Antarctica (USA)

Turbines are loyal workers also in platforms, light houses, buoys, vessels and ports, from decade till decade.

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Key Facts:

Windside is used by e.g.

Harbours, light houses, vessels, research centres, telecom, radars

Operates 2m/s up to 60m/s

Specifically designed for low cut-in wind speeds and no cut-out at extreme wind speeds. Production also in storms.

25+ year offshore lifespan

Built of heavy-duty reinforced fiberglass, marine-grade aluminium, hardened steel, fully galvanized frames, high-quality bearings, and sealed electronics.

Up to 5 years maintenance-free

Optional automatic lubrication system extends maintenance intervals to 5 years.

Silent, vibration-free and safe

Perfectly silent, less than 5dB. Balanced for zero vibration. Safe to touch at all speeds.

Patented technology

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