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Sievi-Tools Oy offers fast, flexible and precise metal machining services based on advanced 3D technology. We are pioneers in the usage of 5-axis machining centers and can manufacture metal parts according to your needs.

Sievi-Tools was established in 1999 to support the development of mold manufacturing at Sievin Jalkine Oy, and very soon the expertise began to be marketed to other customers as well. Today, the majority of the company’s turnover comes from machining services, while the manufacturing of molds and tools remains part of its service offering.

Our references:
• Alteams Finland Oy
• ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Finland Oy
• Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy
• Patria Aerostructures Oy
• Woodio Oy
• Alamarin-Jet Oy
• Lamor Corporation Ab


Sievi-Tools manufactures various components for machine and equipment manufacturers from steel and aluminium. Typically, this involves serial production, but single-piece production is also possible.

CEO Harri Salmela notes that nowadays customers demand from component suppliers the ability to deliver high quality with fast delivery times. Sievi-Tools’ response to these challenges is five-axis machining, in which the company is a pioneer in Finland.

“Five-axis machining is one of our absolute competitive advantages. There are fewer work stages, and the precision of the components is top-notch. Two out of our four machining centers are fiveaxis,” says Salmela.

As a finishing service, Sievi-Tools also provides surface polishing. For some customers, the company offers assembly services. Customers receive the necessary measurement protocols from Sievi-Tools, and for their preparation, the Faro Gage articulated measuring arm is used.


Salmela emphasizes that without skilled, flexible, motivated, and committed personnel, Sievi-Tools would not be able to meet the challenges coming from customers.

“Sievi-Tools is a developing company, and we believe it is important that employees can influence their own work and thereby achieve our quality goals and fulfill customer promises. We have involved the staff in our company’s strategic work, meaning that employees are represented in the operational management team. This practice has proven to be really effective, and the positive effects have been clear.”

In the operational management team, in addition to the CEO, there is representation from every stage of work and production supervision. Employees have the largest representation.

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Sievi-Tools Oy
Kivikankaantie 14, 86300 Oulainen
Puh. 044 488 1553

We will be at the Navigate Trade Fair on May 15–16, 2024. Welcome to our booth B 22.


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