Ship doors are becoming intelligent

E-hinge is an invisible ethernet cable system at sea. This opens up smart options for remote control

article picture: Ship doors are becoming intelligent

Antti has delivered some 400,000 doors for about 350 different ships. Nowadays, the dedicated ship door company offers more than a door. The innovative e-hinge is a good example of solutions enabling shipping companies new possibilities to serve better.

If there is a company dedicated to ship doors, it is Antti. Since year 1992, Antti ship doors have been used on all of the world’s seas, from the Arctics to the Tropics. Doors made by Antti are always tailored according to the customer’s needs and the ship designers’ visionary plans.

Antti’s objective is to provide future-proof and innovative products that fulfil our customers’ newest requirements. The smart e-hinge represents a good example of that work. E-hinge is a completely invisible ethernet cable system at sea. It is easy to install and uninstall. In addition to that, it is reliable and protected, safe from accidental damage. E-hinge simply takes the place of one or more hinges on a standard door.

E-hinge looks like an ordinary hinge but comes equipped with online access and data transfer. This, for example, opens a variety of smart options for remote control. For ship owners and builders, e-hinge is the safest and easiest way to get all the features of their existing online system, without the lead cover.

And there is more to come. Antti’s newest door type dB(LE+) has been launched in December, 2020. It comes with e-hinge and an all-new platform for technical applications. Contact Antti and you’ll see the difference.

See the e-hinge video:
antti, e-hinge video

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