Fire doors for maritime safety

article picture: Fire doors for maritime safety

In maritime use, hinged fire doors are needed for various types of large and small vessels. The certified Finnish manufacturer Saajos Oy – known for designing the first steel-based fire doors – has been in the business for more than 70 years, producing innovations ”the way you want.”

The Saajos factories in Finland and Estonia produce approximately 30,000 to 40,000 fire and safety doors annually.

”We manufacture hinged fire doors for highly demanding maritime applications, such as luxury cruisers and passenger ferries. The doors are also suitable for coast guard ships and other smaller-size vessels,” notes Sales Manager Tomi Riittiö from Saajos Oy.

”Most of Saajos Oy’s maritime fire doors are being exported to shipyards abroad. Fire doors are often installed along the passageways and other public areas onboard ships, but they are also used for the fire safety of passenger cabins and ship-crew quarters.”

In the production of fire doors, robust non-combustible materials are utilised. These kinds of doors prevent fire from spreading through the door structure, for the duration of time set out in the fire-rating specifications for each class of door.

”The product range covers hinged and sliding fire doors in classes A, B and C. Our Estonian factory will soon be equipped with an acoustic laboratory, due to stricter requirements for soundproofing,” Riittiö mentions.

Recent Saajos Oy’s references include the large-sized Croatian yacht 'Eclipse 1' and the huge passenger ship 'Global 1,' plus various specialised cruisers built for polar expeditions.

Newest R & D projects are focused on easier and speedier installations – such as U, Z and T frames with bolting & welding options.

”There is more and more demand for increasing sizes of doors. We now supply the largest double doors in the world, as well as a range of particularly large single-leaf doors.”

”Fire doors are challenging products. Each door and door-frame will receive its finishing touches by hand,” Mr. Riittiö says.

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