Roxtec transits keep ships safe

article picture: Roxtec transits keep ships safe

Roxtec is the world leader in cable and pipe seals – with marine as the main focus area of operations. On cruise liners around the world, thousands of Roxtec transits provide certified protection against fire, gas, water and electromagnetic disturbance.

Jouko Karilahti, Key Account Manager at Roxtec’s Global Marine Segment, says that big marine players such as Royal Caribbean and Meyer Turku cooperate with Roxtec for the service, the flexibility and the ability to use more plastic pipes.

“We have a lot of expertise with cruise ships, and, in fact, 50% of our turnover comes from Marine,” Karilahti says.

Roxtec seals are typically used for penetrations in decks, bulkheads and cabinets in critical compartments such as the engine room, but also in e.g. passenger and pool areas.

For example, onboard the cruise ship Mein Schiff 6 there are thousands of openings for pipes and cables that are sealed with Roxtec transits. Many of the transits include spare capacity for future needs.


“When you’re protecting life and assets, you need correctly installed and fully functional sealing solutions,” Karilahti says, adding that Roxtec knows how important cable and pipe transits are in meeting high safety standards.

“We offer transit safety service programs, so that the customer can reach those safety targets. Also, we inspect transits onboard operating fleets or offshore units and verify transits on new-builds.”

Why use Roxtec?
- High quality sealing
- One flexible solution
- Many type approvals
- Quick on-time delivery
- Technical support onsite

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Text by: Sami J. Anteroinen

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