Marine fire doors upgraded

article picture: Marine fire doors upgraded

With 70+ years of experience of designing fire doors, the Finnish manufacturer Saajos Oy is launching upgraded and resized fire doors in A-60 and B-15 fire resistance classes, for use in demanding maritime applications.

Fire door designs can be certified for a maximum period of 15 years.

”From time to time, specifications for some fire doors are modified and improved before the doors are submitted to new fire-resistance tests for their certificate renewals,” explains Sales Director Tomi Lehtinen from Saajos Oy.

Recent upgrades include improvements for the A-60 class single-leaf marine sliding fire doors. ”The door size has been slightly reduced to 2480 mm x 2382 mm. This door type is mainly utilised for Ro-Ro vessels.”

”Furthermore, the B-15 class double-leaf marine fire doors have been somewhat enlarged to the new size of 2310 mm x 2400 mm. From now on, the B-15 single-leaf sliding fire doors will have the same size as these B-15 double-leaf doors,” Mr. Lehtinen notes.

This will make it easier for architects to select the proper fire door type for a specific bulkhead aperture size.

”In addition, B-class sliding fire door models can optionally be equipped with windows, from the year 2023 onwards after the next fire test.”

Various major shipyards install such B-15 class fire doors aboard large-sized ships, either with counterweights or with electric door drive systems. They are often utilised for such applications as medical rooms, ADA toilets, etc.

In late 2021, the upgraded A-class sliding fire door and B-class double-leaf fire door, are already available on the market.

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Text by: Ari Mononen
Photos: Saajos Oy

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