Environmentally friendly bulk carriers with world-class quality

article picture: Environmentally friendly bulk carriers with world-class quality

From 2017 onwards, ships heading to or from an EU port have been required to report their environmental impact thoroughly from fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, transported cargo to time and distance of the transportation. While there are a variety of designs in the industry, top of class in effectiveness, annual savings and limiting the environmental impact are the Bluetech Finland bulk carriers.

Designed to provide the best overall cost efficiency in their class, Bluetech Finland guarantees a smooth process from the first discussions to the final delivery of the vessel. Currently available are standard designs that include general cargo carrier BT38 and bulkers Bluetech 42, 45 and 64.

All designs are based on the latest hydrodynamic research, using the top of the line CFD tools combined with extensive model testing and renown expertise. An efficient ship has a hull with a high block coefficient, giving more deadweight and cargo volume. Optimized aft and bow lines provide low resistance across the whole speed range and a high propulsion efficiency. In addition, the application of extensive FE analysis and optimized structural arrangements contribute to low steel weight.

Compared to the other bulkers on the market, Bluetech Finland carriers have outperformed other eco-bulkers in their class.

”According to comparison the average annual daily fuel oil consumption of our 42k and 45k bulkers at 10 knots is 14.4 mt, while the closest competitor comes at 15.8 mt per day at 10 knots. That’s a 1.5 mt difference per day. Compared to other same size bulkers in the same owner fleet, Bluetech bulkers outperform them by 4.5 mt per day at 10 knots. The annual savings with our bulkers are between 150 000 and 450 000 USD. Annual emission reduction is to 3.500 mt per vessel”, says Tommi Jansson, VP, Project Department at Bluetech Finland.

Several bulk carriers made with Bluetech Finland design are in use, and a handful more have been ordered recently – one of them being a 65k Ultramax, which will be built at Dong bac shipyard for Truong Minh shipping and will be designed together with Bluetech Finland’s local partner, Visec. The vessel will also fulfill EEDI III requirements with traditional engine configuration.

More information: www.bluetechfinland.com

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